Web Conferencing 101

If you're in New York and thought cheap teleconferencing was extinct, think again! When it comes to teleconferencing there is a New York cheap conference call alternative: web conferencing!

Web Conferencing Defined

Just like teleconferencing, web conferencing is a conference call where people connect with one another over the internet as opposed to a telephone line. There are so many inexpensive web conferencing programs to choose from online! Although web conferencing is a global phenomenon, we refer to it as a New York cheap conference call alternative for our local customers.

How it Works

People simply log into a web conference via their computer terminal. During a web conference, participants can view the presenter's screen and this is often accompanied by voice communication. Voice communication during a web conference is achieved via a phone line or voice over IP (VoIP). Some people prefer to host a web conference where the communication is purely text communication. Web conferencing is often free or extremely cheap, so when we speak to our customers, we refer to it as the New York cheap conference call option!

When Web Conferencing is Ideal

As the New York cheap conference call option, web conferencing is ideal for businesses and individuals. This is because it is so inexpensive, compared to traditional telephone conferencing which will incur call costs that definitely add up - particularly for people calling from international numbers or cell phones. Many web conferencing services cost very little, and offer users a range of features such as slide presentations, web co-browsing, text messaging, surveys and polls, application sharing, annotation and file sharing. More than just a New York cheap conference call option, web conferencing allows both host and participants to do so much. The features of web conferencing are far greater than those associated with traditional teleconferencing. Many web conferencing applications also allow the host to record the conferences for playback later.

Web Conferencing Equipment

When it comes to web conferencing, people can either download web conference software or they can simply use web-based web conferencing applications. There is so much choice when it comes to this New York cheap conference call option, and ultimately your choice when it comes to web conferencing platforms will all come down to preference and features.

User Friendliness

More and more people are turning to the internet for New York cheap conference call alternatives, so web conference software is increasing its user friendliness. People are looking for simple web conferencing solutions and our customers are searching for New York cheap conference call alternatives that are easy to use. The web conferencing software you use will have a useful help feature that you can refer to if you run into any trouble or difficulty.

For Further Information

To find out more about the New York cheap conference call alternative that is web conferencing, please contact our team.


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