Team Collaboration and New York Group Conferencing

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that two great minds are better than one!  Many fabulous ideas combined can transform a fantastic concept into something that is extraordinary.  This is why successful companies believe in the importance of team collaboration.

Team collaboration is easily defined as a group of people meeting together to brainstorm, share knowledge and ideas.  In your workplace you see this with team meetings and strategy sessions just to name a few, but technology is revolutionizing this activity.  Today there is automated teleconferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing, which are all regarded by us here as New York group conferencing options.

New York Group Conferencing and its Impact on Team Collaboration
New York Group Conferencing and its Impact on Team Collaboration There are three New York group conferencing options you can choose from for your next team collaboration session:

  • Automated Teleconferencing:  The process by which between 2 and 200 or more people can talk to one another using a phone line without any operator involvement.  No pre-booking is required and automated teleconferences can be hosted immediately at next to no notice to your participants.  Participants simply dial a conference number that you have at the time and date of the conference, and enter a PIN to access the conference call.  This New York group conferencing option allows people to collaborate together without the need for being in the same location.

  • Web Conferencing: The second New York group conferencing option is web conferencing. Web conferencing is just like a conference call where many people gather to collaborate together, however no phone line is required. Instead of a phone line, web conferencing allows people connect with each other via the internet. A range of fantastic, easy-to-use web conferencing applications are available online, making web conferencing one of the most popular and inexpensive New York group conferencing options around!

  • Video Conferencing: The third New York group conferencing method is video conferencing. Video conferencing has been with us for some years now, and utilizes both audio and visual technologies, so people can sit in on a meeting, whilst seeing and hearing the host, without being with them. Today this New York group conferencing method is so much easier to use, thanks to the internet and the popularity of online chat programs - many of which allow video conferencing.

These three New York group conferencing options allow us to meet with other team members to collaborate on projects, without the need for us all to be in the same geographic location.  With the necessary agenda preparation and planning, these New York group conferencing options provide us with the opportunities for team collaboration using the latest telephone and internet technologies.  Team collaboration has never been this easy, and with web conferencing and teleconferencing technologies like those used by our New York group conferencing methods, it is easy to meet virtually with team members across town, across the country – even across the world!  

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