Conference Play Back - Eliminate the Need for Tiresome Minutes!

At long last, the greatly anticipated team meeting has been scheduled and you’ll discover the next big project your team will be working on. There’s only one problem: nobody is volunteering to take the minutes, type them up and distribute them to all participants after the meeting has concluded.

Now, thanks to New York group conferencing and its automated teleconferencing, web conferencing or video conferencing options, the need for taking minutes can be eliminated totally! Conference play back makes this possible.

Conference Play Back Defined
Conference play back is a feature of automated teleconferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing where a conference call can be recorded and played back at a later time. By playing back a conference, participants might see and hear things they didn’t pick up when they were in the initial conference call. It eliminates the need for taking minutes during the meeting itself, which means greater concentration for the person who would otherwise be madly writing notes during the conference.

New York Group Conferencing Play Back
Play back is available for all three New York group conferencing methods.

  • Automated Teleconferencing: This first New York group conferencing method allows the moderator to record the conference call and listen to it later with a play it back service. The play it back service is offered by the New York automated teleconference provider you choose to work with.

  • Web Conferencing: When it comes to web conferencing, many of the available software will allow you to capture voice, presentation screens, annotations, application sharing, etc, that makes up the original web conferencing session. With this second New York group conferencing method, the web conference can be played back later with most media players (depends upon the system you choose to use for your web conference though). Depending on the software you use, the web conference recording can also be edited and distributed to all participants after the meeting.

  • Video Conferencing: Traditional video conferencing sessions can be recorded, as can web video conferencing sessions, which are growing rapidly in popularity. As is the case with web conferencing, the play back is determined by the software you choose to use. If you choose to use this New York group conference method, you will be amazed at the play back options presented to you.

Further Information about New York Group Conferencing Play Back
It’s incredible how far we have come with web conferencing, video conferencing and teleconferencing. To access more detailed information about how New York group conferencing methods can help you, please contact our friendly team.


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