Managing Your Teleconferencing the New York Teleconference Way

Teleconference management might sound complex, but far from it! We provide a self care system that enables teleconference hosts the ability to manage their teleconference sessions with minimal fuss. It’s teleconference management the New York teleconference way!

Setting up Hosts for your New York Teleconference
If you operate your own business and have a team of staff to manage, chances are you won’t always be the one hosting a teleconferencing call. For this reason, when you enlist us as your New York teleconference service provider, we will provide you with the capability to select hosts for any teleconferencing session you may have.

You can add, delete or change your host details any time you wish simply by accessing your member area on our website. This means you can make the changes you like anywhere and at any time.

Once you select your New York teleconference hosts, they will have the ability to:

  • Set up teleconference sessions: Due to the fact that there are so many non-operator assisted teleconferencing options available today, people can set up teleconference sessions without booking. A teleconference call can literally be set up at the drop of a hat for maximum convenience. As your New York teleconference service provider, we allow your chosen hosts to set up teleconferences when it suits them.

  • Issue email invitations: Our easy-to-use system allows your hosts the ability to email invitations to each person they wish to have attend their teleconference session. The email invitations can be sent using our web-based system.

  • Administer pass codes to participants: Security is extremely important, and as your New York teleconference service provider it’s high on our priority list too. That’s why we give your hosts the ability to administer pass codes (or PIN codes) to participants. Upon dialing into the conference number, guests will be required to enter this pass code to access the conference call.

Monitor your New York Teleconference Usage and History
As a New York teleconference service provider of choice, we know that teleconferencing is more affordable than ever. The advancement of internet technology plays a big role in this. As great as the current prices are for teleconferencing services, we understand that consumers want to keep their costs down.

Our New York teleconference administration system provides you with access to your complete teleconference session logs. You can keep yourself informed of teleconference call durations and bandwidth usage. This allows you to stay on top of things and by doing this, you know that you’ll never receive a nasty surprise in the mail, in the form of a bill that was more expensive than you were expecting! 


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