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arrow icon  Is this truly FREE Conference Calling?
arrow icon  Is there a trial period only?
arrow icon  How long does it take to set up my passcodes?
arrow icon  How do the participants know how to get into my conference?
arrow icon  Why do I have to give you my e-mail address?
arrow icon  Will my e-mail address be used for marketing or sold to a spammer?
arrow icon  What about the quality of my conference call?
arrow icon  Can I use a Toll Free or 800 number?
arrow icon  What about Web Conferencing?
arrow icon  Can I Dial out to my guests?
arrow icon  Can I manage my account myself?
arrow icon  Can people call in from another country?
arrow icon  Can people call in from their VoIP or mobile phone?
arrow icon  Are there a maximum number of callers per conference?

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The Seven Steps to a Successful Group Conferencing Session


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