Teleconferencing Features

If you have used teleconferencing before with your business, then you know just how feature rich the technology is. If you're new to teleconferencing, we're about to summarize for you the many features you can enjoy when you host your teleconferences!

The following features we outline are the absolute essentials for a New York teleconference! 

The Features for a Successful New York Teleconference Service
If you've used teleconferencing technology before, chances are you know that teleconferencing companies differ in their feature offerings. There are so many New York teleconference services around, that it can be very easy to become confused and overwhelmed by the different teleconferencing services that are out there.

To make the task of researching teleconferencing services, here is an outline detailing the main teleconference features that you will certainly find with the typical New York teleconference service:

  • On-Hold Music: Before the teleconference starts, guests will be waiting on hold for the host to arrive. 

  • Name Record: When a guest calls into the conference, they can enter their name into the system, so the roll call can be read out at the commencement of the teleconference.

  • Automatic Teleconference Commencement: As soon as the host arrives, the teleconference will automatically start.

  • Mute Guests: The host has the ability to mute guests, allowing him/her to steer the conference on their own. This avoids people talking over the top of the host and interrupting the agenda.

  • Unmute Guests: The host can unmute guests during question and discussion periods throughout the teleconference.

  • Self-Mute Facility: Unfortunately, sometimes a cell phone connection might be really bad or a participant might be calling from a noisy location. If so, they can mute themselves, so they don't distract the teleconference with noise during the guest unmute periods of the teleconference.

  • Entry and Exit Tones: Every time somebody arrives or leaves the teleconference, there will be a tone which sounds to notify the hosts and participants.

  • End Call: This feature allows the host to ensure that those who leave the conference have definitely disconnected from the teleconference.

  • Recording: Teleconferencing services allow hosts to record the teleconference, which saves one having to rush to take minute notes. 

  • Security: Secure teleconferencing services require the guest to enter a PIN number to enter the conference, and once everybody has arrived on the teleconference call, the host can lock the conference call so nobody else can access it.

These are the basic features you are likely to discover with New York teleconference services. There are many other features that can be added to your teleconference, however the range of advanced teleconferencing features varies from one New York teleconference service to another.


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