The New York Teleconference Service that's Better than VOIP

No doubt you have heard about Voice over IP (VoIP) and the great things it is capable of doing, however as is the case with most things, even VoIP has its pitfalls. VoIP's biggest risk relates to the quality of the network connections utilized to establish a voice session. A poor performing network device or network pathway can lead to noticeable loss in quality of the audio, which seriously compromises your teleconference session.

As a New York teleconference service provider of choice, we don't draw upon VoIP technology. Instead, we rely on the carrier digital telephony lines provided by our carrier partners - Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The digital telephony lines are deployed across carrier class equipment with carrier class back up and services.

The Benefits for New York Teleconference Sessions

Now all of that no doubt sounds technical to some, so the logical issue to address now is how that translates into benefits for the end user - the person turning to us for their New York teleconference solution.

The fact that we rely upon PSTN as opposed to VoIP means that:

  • We are not as susceptible to call drop outs;

  • We are not as susceptible to poor voice quality; 

  • We are not as susceptible to delays in the voice transmission; and

  • Your New York teleconference session can also include people who are not able to access the internet for a variety of reasons. VoIP requires internet access, however the fact that we rely upon PSTN means that people can participate in your teleconference call, simply by dialing in with a normal telephone or a cell phone. They can even dial in using a phone from overseas without any internet involvement.

PSTN is the backbone of all of our fixed land line telephones which have provided reliable telephony services to tens of millions of people the world over, for decades! It's a reliable service that works well, and it also works extremely well as the backbone of the New York teleconference solution we offer to customers.

Our New York teleconference solutions are the next best thing to actually being with your team in person for a meeting! 

For Further Information about our New York Teleconference Solutions Our job is to answer all of those difficult, hard-to-answer questions that you may have! As the New York teleconference experts, we're more than happy to answer any of your queries! Simply contact us by clicking here.


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