Automated Teleconferencing 101

Not so long ago, if any New Yorker wanted to have a conference call, they had to go through a process which involved a New York teleconference operator and pre-booking. Today that has completely changed thanks to a relatively new concept we refer to as automated teleconferencing.

Automated teleconferencing is available here in New York and worldwide! You can take part in a teleconference hosted by somebody as far away as Australia or you can host your own automated teleconference using our New York teleconference services!

Automated Teleconferencing Defined
Automated teleconferencing refers to calls where 3 or more people can talk to one another using a phone line, without the intervention of an operator. No operator assistance is required with automated teleconference calls, and neither is a pre-booking. You can simply host your own automated teleconference call without having to contact your New York teleconference service provider!

When Automated Teleconferencing is Ideal
Automated teleconferencing via our New York teleconference service is ideal for business, personal and educational purposes. It is particularly popular for people who don't want to bother with operators or pre-bookings. If you are busy working on a project, and something urgent comes up which requires you to talk to your remote team members, you can simply email those people with the call in number, the time and date of your conference call and the passcode they are to enter to access the automated teleconference call. You don't need to contact our New York teleconference operators at all!

User Friendliness
People can sometimes be intimidated at the thought of hosting their own teleconference call, but with our New York teleconference automated service, it's so easy. It's really just a matter of dialing a number your New York teleconference operator here gives you, and waiting for your participants to join the conference. You will hear a distinctive sound every time a participant joins the conference call. The process is just as easy for each participant as well. They just dial the conference call number and enter a passcode.

Automated Teleconference Billing
Also another very important point worth mentioning is that participants are billed separately for their involvement in the conference call. If they are calling from an international number or cell phone, they will pay more than somebody in the New York local area. You can talk to your New York teleconference provider to organize splitting of the conference call fee amongst participants, however this is only possible if everybody is calling in from a landline. You also need to notify your participants if you are splitting the cost of the conference call.

The automated teleconference call has no limit in terms of call duration, so you can talk as long as you like. Another great thing to mention is that your New York teleconference provider will be able to provide you with a call cost total after you finish your teleconference.  Simply Login to Webcare and view your utilization online.

Equipment Needed for Automated Teleconferencing
Automated teleconferencing is so easy, and the same can be said for the equipment you need to access it. All you need is a telephone! As the host of the call, you can use your cell phone or your landline - the choice is yours! Your participants can call in from international, landlines or cell phones.

Further Information
As a quality New York teleconference provider, our friendly staff are available to answer your questions regarding automated teleconferencing. Simply click here to contact us.


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